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Welcome to Promats® Athletics

Fantastic Example of our Digital Graphics CapabilitiesPromats® Athletics is a custom manufacturer of gym wall padding, field wall padding, backstop padding, stadium padding and athletic mat products located in North Carolina.  For over 25 years, Promats® has designed, manufactured, and installed protective padding products for thousands of gyms, schools, recreational facilities, major stadiums and arenas throughout the the world.

Promats® offers custom wall padding, digital graphics, pole and column padding, protective field wall padding, dasher board padding, wind screening, tumbling mats, aerobics mats, gymnastics mats, wrestling mats, high jump and pole vault landing pits, weight room flooring, and protective padding of all kinds.

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2012catalog Our 2013 Catalog is Available for download!  You can download the catalog or contact one of our Regional Customer Service or Sales Managers to request one be sent to you today!